South Copeland GDF Community Partnership: transparency

The South Copeland GDF Community Partnership are now making the minutes of their meetings available on their website. Other documents they have produced are also available there, including the minutes of the Working Party which preceded the Partnership.

They are also seeking a wider membership although you will have to be quick as the deadline for applications is tomorrow (to be fair, they have been advertising for a while now). However, if you are thinking of applying you might want to consider the following comments:

  • it is all part of their grooming process
  • many opponents to GDF would see it as a sell out
  • it would curtail your ability to challenge the actions of the CP outside of CP meetings
  • it would suborn you to decisions made by the majority favouring taking the project forward
  • you could not call for local Parish Councils to withdraw from the CP if you are in it.

There are also suggestions that their meetings may well become public in the near future (see their August minutes).