On the South Copeland GDF Community Partnership website, Under Frequently Asked Questions, the Project Manager discusses Marine Geophysical Surveys and tells (April 2022) that following the surveys (which took place in July-August 2022) “there will be an extended period of analysis of the data – around nine months duration.” This implies the results will be known in May 2023.

Almost twelve months later, March 2023, in an interview with the Siting Manager we are now told “Data acquired in the seismic survey is being processed, which takes nine months. It will then be interpreted by geoscientists, taking an additional four months, meaning results will not be available for NWS to assess until the later part of 2023.” Even going on this revised information, the results should be known by September 2023.

Are they just confused? Or are they playing for time (so that more members of the community can be brainwashed by the incredible funding being made available for much needed projects in the area?) I wonder when we will be told what the results are?