Questions for South Copeland GDF Community Partnership

The following letter, by Jan Bridget, has just been sent to the South Copeland GDF Community Partnership admin with a request to forward it to members of the Community Partnership:

I am writing to strongly complain about how members of the public (the community) are kept informed about what the Community Partnership are doing (in our name?) and how the meetings are being run.

Whilst members of the public can attend the meetings and are allocated 15 minutes for questions we can only see the previous (draft) minutes at the actual meeting which does not give us time to read, digest and disseminate the information in order to form any questions we may want to ask during the allotted 15 minutes in response.

Similarly, as I mentioned at last night’s meeting, we do not get sight of any reports or feedback being discussed during the meeting and have to try and understand what is happening from what is being said at the meeting. Again, this makes it extremely difficult for us to follow what is happening. I sought clarification as to what the procedures are at local council meetings and Councillor Moore confirmed that documents are made available to the public before meetings (I think this is what he said).

This whole process makes it difficult for members of the public to keep up-to-date with what the Community Partnership are doing and gives the impression that you are purposefully trying to keep us in the dark.

Having now had time to read the minutes of the last meeting I have several queries for the Community Partnership (NOT NWS):

1. Can I have some clarification please about what is going to happen about the independent report on the potential negative effects on our area should a GDF be sited here? And will there be an opportunity for the public to feed in questions we wish to raise (and have raised numerous times)?

2. What is happening about a public meeting? Why can the Community Partnership – who are meant to represent the community and whose chief role is communication with the community (at least that is my understanding) – not organise a public meeting?

3. Why is the GDF search area not coming up in house searches? Surely Copeland/Cumberland Council have a legal duty to include this when searches are conducted? Can the Community Partnership follow this up please? (Had I known the area was going to be considered for the GDF there is no way I would have moved here).

4. How are the Community Partnership going to represent opposing views?

5. It is pretty obvious that the only possible site in our area (apart from Drigg which has just been added to our area) is at the old RAF airfield in Haverigg but that land from Kirksanton would also be necessary. Indeed, it was this area that was identified initially according to…/Sou… Can we have an acknowledgement of this, please?

I would like to reiterate, I am asking the Community Partnership, not Nuclear Waste Services, to respond to these questions.

Thank you.

Jan Bridget