Film Talks: Exploring GDF: MillomĀ 

We learned more at the above event in Millom on 24th November 2023. See front page, No. 64, for feedback. Quite a lot of contradictions! Main points: results of seismic survey now pushed back to end January. The area chosen will be a construction site for about 150 years! Transference of waste on site (by either rail or road) into dump would take place daily. Spoil material (from digging tunnels) will not be used as backfill but bentonite (type of absorbent clay) will be used raising issues of how will bentonite be brought to site and where will waste go? Number of jobs created: it seems the developer told Cumbria Council there would be 800 new jobs to begin with, reducing to 600 then 200 then 0 – the developer was unable to confirm or deny this. Borehole testing will not take place until 2029/2030. Site will be larger than 1 square kilometer during first 20 years of construction. People are still spreading the lie that we, the community, can pull out at any time.