CP Response

Here is their response to my questions posed on 21 April 2023 (see previous post):

1. What is the Community Impacts Report?

In response to questions from the community on what the negative impacts of a GDF in South Copeland are, the South Copeland GDF Community Partnership would like to commission a Community Impacts report. The scope of the report is yet to be defined but it would focus on trying to understand what the potential impacts (both positive and negative) are of a GDF in South Copeland. The report would look at the impacts that other major infrastructure projects in the UK had on their local communities.

2. What does the following mean: Assure the community that key concerns are fully integrated into the developing process for potential Community Withdrawal?

The South Copeland GDF Community Partnership needs to be thinking about both the short- and long-term issues regarding the siting of a GDF within our communities. We are acutely aware that the future remains uncertain, and we are also working with the Developers timetable regarding the key considerations in building a GDF. Decisions can change over time. This may be impacted by the Technical and/or Geological considerations or the Community does not support the hosting of a GDF.

At this point in time, the position is not clear as to how this may evolve but it is sensible that the Partnership starts to work with the Developer to ensure an exit process is in place and community concerns as to how this is done is openly discussed with the Nuclear Waste Services.

3. What does this mean: Development Consent Order?

A Development Consent Order is the planning process that developments class as Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs), such as the GDF must go through to obtain planning permission. More info on the process can be found here: https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/…