Author: Jan Bridget

50% now support GDF?

According to the latest survey conducted by Yonder the percentage of people who now support a GDF in our area has risen significantly to 50%. Why is this? First of all, it is partly because Drigg and Carleton are now in South Copeland. Secondly, we have had two years of drip-drip propaganda. Thirdly, we have […]

South Holderness Proposed New Site – Withdrawn almost immediately!

Someone in South Holderness proposed the area as a potential site for the GDF. However, within a matter of weeks the leading authority East Riding of Yorkshire Council withdrew from the process. And that is a Tory led Council! Would that Cumberland Council (Labour led) would follow suit.


In a recent press release, Nuclear Free Local Authorities, which has members from 40 local authorities in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, is urging Millom Town Council and other relevant Parish Councils to follow the lead of Whicham Parish Council and ask their constituents if they are for or against […]


In response to me asking the Community Partnership about the above they have replied to say: “The information from the Community Forum is being included in the scoping document for the Community Impacts report. At present we are still finalising the document, but for clarity, the scope will ask the researcher to cover both the […]

Community Impacts Report

The South Copeland GDF Community Partnership was set up (December 2021). In their own words, this is a partnership whose main purpose is to help local people “understand more about the Community Partnership and Geological Disposal, including what a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) is, why it is required, and what it means for our community.” […]

CP Response

Here is their response to my questions posed on 21 April 2023 (see previous post): 1. What is the Community Impacts Report? In response to questions from the community on what the negative impacts of a GDF in South Copeland are, the South Copeland GDF Community Partnership would like to commission a Community Impacts report. […]