Author: Jan Bridget

Community Impacts Report

The South Copeland GDF Community Partnership was set up (December 2021). In their own words, this is a partnership whose main purpose is to help local people “understand more about the Community Partnership and Geological Disposal, including what a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) is, why it is required, and what it means for our community.” […]

CP Response

Here is their response to my questions posed on 21 April 2023 (see previous post): 1. What is the Community Impacts Report? In response to questions from the community on what the negative impacts of a GDF in South Copeland are, the South Copeland GDF Community Partnership would like to commission a Community Impacts report. […]

UK Anti Nuclear Dump Groups support Australian Group

Joint Media Release –                                                                               4 April 2023 ‘Total admiration and support’: UK campaigners express solidarity with Indigenous Australian group opposing Kimba nuclear waste dump Four British anti-nuclear groups have written to an Aboriginal campaign group to express their ‘total admiration and support’ in solidarity with their struggle against a Federal Government plan to dump […]


Questions to be answered by desk-based studies which have now begun in South and Mid Copeland (and probably in Allerdale and Theddlethorpe and Maplethorpe).  Likelihood all moving forward at same pace. Reality is that they will be looking at these questions for all four sites initially and then, once sites are identified as being a […]


On the South Copeland GDF Community Partnership website, Under Frequently Asked Questions, the Project Manager discusses Marine Geophysical Surveys and tells (April 2022) that following the surveys (which took place in July-August 2022) “there will be an extended period of analysis of the data – around nine months duration.” This implies the results will be […]


Nuclear Waste Services (the developers) have started desk-based site evaluations for both South and Mid Copeland. We are told the studies will take two to three years to complete and “will look at a range of topics which have taken into consideration community feedback gathered since the formation of the Community Partnership.” A quote from […]