On 16th June 2022 a private Facebook group was set up to campaign against the siting of a GDF (geological disposal facility ie a nuclear dump) off Haverigg/Kirksanton. Within a few days there were over 300 members, we now have over 400 members.

We are mostly (with only a few exceptions) local – from Millom and surrounding villages. The response has been amazing: folk have volunteered to design posters, pay for them being printed, delivered them to Millom and surrounding villages, paid for and set up this website, attended a demonstration, written letters of complaint, signed petitions… However, we need to preserve our stamina as it is likely to be a long campaign.

We have a core co-ordinating group of six people: three are local born and bred, three are incomers; three are older, three younger. So we are fairly representative of the community. Oh, and some used to work in the nuclear industry!